My RA History (1)

IMG_9444smallLooking back, although the formal diagnosis with RA📝 came in this July, I started having several small signs of RA several years ago.

1. Morton’s Neuroma👣      Around 2011, I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot which initially started hurting my right foot between the third and the fouth toes, and then in about one year, the left foot got in the same condition.

Morton’s Neuroma is according to,

“a swollen or thickened nerve in the ball of your foot. When your toes are squeezed together too often and for too long, the nerve that runs between your toes can swell and get thicker. This swelling can make it painful when you walk on that foot. High-heeled👠, tight, or narrow shoes can make pain worse. Sometimes, changing to shoes that give your toes more room can help”.

Its symptoms began in my case, when I fell on a slope in the hilly part of Hong Kong.  The first doctor couldn’t find it so I ended up seeing 4-5 orthopedists to know how to treat it.  Most doctors said that “There is no absolute cure for this.  We could try Cortizone shot💉 first, if it didn’t work, then surgery.  But there is no guarantee whether the surgery could get rid of pain or not.”

I got Cortizone injection💉 2 times last year, and once earlier this year.  But even though the pain got less right after the injection, it came back after a while.

2. Arthritis on a Finger      One morning, I woke up to cold like symptoms inluding coughs, sore throat, and tiredness, and at the same time my right thumb👍 got swollen as large as three times of the original size!

The orthopedist diagnosed me with Osteoarthritis which is a wear and tear of joints without any cure.  It was incredibly depressing👿 to hear that there are no ways to cure the symptoms I got!  I had had at least a way or two to cure diseases I got before Morton’s Neuroma and arthritis!  I was really disheartened and could not swallow the words from the doctor.  So again I ran around shopping doctors here and there😎

3. Bunionettes      I had developed a minor bunionette before I got Morton’s Neuroma on my left foot.  But when another bunionette appeared on my right foot earlier this year, it was very acute💥 with much more pain and swelling.

Finally I started wondering if the arthritis on the finger is not from osteoarthritis but rheumatoid arthritis💀 in this spring.  I had done a lot of research on internet by that time mainly about osteoarthritis.  But whenever I read about RA, I found all the sites say, “If you have a pain and/or swelling on a finger on one hand, you also have the similar symptoms on the other hand on the same finger.  For example, if the pain and swelling are on your right thumb, your left thumb should suffer from the same symptoms too…”

And my condition was different so that I thought mine is not RA.  It was misleading.  They should stop writing the symptoms appear symmetrically!

After seeing five orthopedists in Hong Kong🀄️ in two years, none of whom ever gave me a blood test to check if I had RA or not, I booked a medical check up at one of the best hospitals🏥 in Tokyo🇯🇵 and added a blood test for RA in April.

In May I took the blood test there and saw a podiatrist at a small private clinic in Tokyo.  Back then I was still thinking arthritis on my thumb and Morton’s Neuroma and bunionettes, separately.

When I saw the podiatrist👨, he said “These are the feet of RA💀 sufferers.”  That was immediately after I showed my feet !  “Oh… Really…?”  Then all of a sudden the big, big question❓ I had been having in my mind started being solved!  Oh! Is that so? It does make sense❗️❗️❗️

I really thank him❗️✨🎀💜😃🌀🎊  He was the very first doctor who was able to tell me what it is without giving me any tests!

And then in June I got the blood test result which was positive😰.

Continued to (2)…😀



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