Upper Cervical Chiropractic

img_0225I just returned from Naturopathy tour to Kyushu and Tokyo, Japan.

I have been extremely busy travelling ✈️ to Tokyo, New York, and Kyushu in May, June, July, and August, since I started suspecting that I suffer from RA in April. I am a bit tired to tell the truth😅. My feet symptoms might have gotten a little worse from too much of walking👣 So I am a bit concerned now💦.

However, I was able to encounter with quite a few terrific healers🌟 and gain such a fruitful knowledge and experiences💕 during my trips. It is really beyond description so let me write about them before I forget😄.

In Kyushu our first stop was Kumamoto where we visited an excellent chiropractor👨, Mr. Fukashi Iwata at his practice, Shin Mei Do(True Life Hall). He specialises in Upper Cervical Chiropractic🐸. Contrary to the normal chiropractic by which a healer cracks our joints and make a sound, this method🍀 only adjusts your first or second cervical vertebra without cracking sounds. No cracking joints means more RA patients friendly:-)

Also, Mr. Iwata was kind enough💜 to give me treatments not only on cervical vertebra but also on a finger, feet, and wrist where I have RA symptoms with techniques of osteopathy🌻.

You might think, “Would it work, if it sounds so easy—only on cervical vertebra…?” But after the session, I felt warmer🔥 and my shoulder, neck, and spine trying to return to the right positions. Also I felt a cozy sensation💥 on those affected areas probably from the better blood and lymphatic fluid circulation‼️

And most importantly, the pain got much improved❗️

Mr. Iwata said, “If no pain, no need to take medicines?” , “especially you have a strong will to recover from RA”, when talking about Methotrexate and biologics.

We both agreed that MTX and biologics are great but it is not quite right for them to lower👿 our immune system. What we want to do is to correct the direction of immune system so that it would attack our enemies from outside only but not ourselves💖.

I ended up not taking medicines for three days after the session.

“I came to know about you in the book, ‘Thank you, RA’ by Ms. Chiharu Watanabe🌸. I am going to take her session on ‘Stomach Therapy’ in few days.”said I. He told me to send his best regards to her😄.

I will write about Ms. Chiharu Watanabe🌸 in a different post soon. She is an amazing RA survivor who led me to this chiropractic treatment and other incredible natural therapies❗️

Thanks to her actually, Kyushu has become Mecca for RA natural therapies! Many RA sufferers make a pilgrimage 👼 to Kyushu wishing to get cured.

As for me, I was able to go to Kumamoto Castle 🏯 and Yufuin hot Spring♨️ in addition to receive these fantastic treatments🎯.

How lucky I was‼️

I really thank you, RA‼️


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