Yamamoto New Sculp Acupuncture!


Our second destination in Kyushu was Yamamoto Hospital🏥 in Miyazaki where Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto treats his patients with very unique invention of his own, Yamamoto New Sculp Acupuncture📌❗️


One after another, he drove puncture needles📌 into my head, all of which hit the perfect points🎯!

“How’s your RA pain?”

“It’s almost gone😳, doctor!”

He and his assistant, a German🇩🇪 male doctor keep smiling.

Unusually as an acupuncturist, He studied anesthesiology at Columbia University, USA🇺🇸, and obstetrics and gynecology in Germany🇩🇪.  After he returned to Japan, he opened his hospital in Miyazaki and developed his own acupuncture method, New Sculp Acupuncture!

So his method is based upon Western Medicine rather than Oriental Natural Therapy actually.

Dr. Yamamoto is better known overseas rather than in Japan🇯🇵, having won several awards outside of Japan.  His internationality is shown in a mere fact that he is married to a German doctor😀

When I told him I think it wrong to cure RA with MTX💊 and/or biologics💉 which lower our immune system🌞, he said, “We are here to help you regain your self-healing-power.  Your immune system is high.  If you continue this acupuncture treatment, you will get cured, won’t you?”

Yes!  Thank you, Dr. Yamamoto! ❤️

Ah, immune system of RA patients are higher⬆️ than ordinary people⁉️  That is why our immune system directs its extra power to attack🔫 our own cells⁉️

Oh, and that is why 3 out of 13 acupuncture needles📌 came out right after the doctor drove them on my head⁉️

He said, “Human body👫 tries to push out any foreign substances.”

In the meantime, although my husband got about 10 needles on his head, none of them came out❗️

So my immune system is higher than my husband’s?

It was really an unbelievable, terrific and inspiring experience for me!

No wonder some higher-ups from Europe invited Dr. Yamamoto to receive his acupuncture treatment!

I got more convinced that I will be cured😃

Although I cannot see him so often due to the long distance, I made up my mind to go back to his hospital🏥 probably in several months😄

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