I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis on July 20, 2016.

Since I had enjoyed a very healthy life before the diagnosis, I was greatly devastated 😱 at the news.

I am a Japanese female artist 👸 who was born and raised in Tokyo🎌, has lived in California and New York 🇺🇸, and is living now in HK 🀄️.

First I thought this must be the end of my life and I would have to give up many things such as doing sports 🏊, travelling ✈️, dancing 👠, drinking 🍸, parties 🎉, holding my exhibitions 🎨and so on.  And I imagined me in wheelchair in 10 years or so, sadly.

However, after intensive research and reading books 📕about RA, I found that thanks to the medical advancement 💊, RA is not an incurable disease any more.  Rather, it is now an quite manageable disease so that many RA sufferers reached remission and enjoy a quality of life a great deal.

Going back and forth among Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York, I am able to try both Western medicine and Oriental naturopathy🌻.  Especially because most medicines to cure RA are to lower your immune system which might bring about terrible side effects 💀including pneumonia, tuberculosis, kidney malfunction, all sorts of infectious diseases 😷, quite a few RA patients seek alternative medicine, or natural therapies such as acupuncture 👍, chiropractic treatment 🍀, breathing methods👃, aroma therapy 🌷, etc. etc.

I actually came to know the fact that quite a few RA sufferers reached remission or even got cured completely by the means of naturopathy without any Western medicines.  I was hugely impressed and inspired 🌞 by the presence of these people.

When I confessed that I got RA to my British friend 🇬🇧 and an American friend 🇺🇸separately, both of them coincidentally 🌟‼️ told me to write a book about my adventure.  Actually what are the chances, they both have an RA patient in their families❗️🌟🌀💗💚‼️  They said,”You are bilingual, have been living multiculturally, which is a rare case.  You should write a book about it.  We, Westerners can learn from you too!”

They encouraged me a lot and I made up my mind to write.  But writing a book is such a challenge so I chose opening a blog.  First I started a Japanese version.  And this is my blog in English.

I would like to share my experiences, exchange information, and get connected with my fellow RA warriors 👬👭👫 through this blog.

Your comments would be much appreciated🙏.

#RA, #rheumatoid arthritis, #holistic approach, #alternative medicine, #fight against RA, #cure, #remission, #RA medicine


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